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Hollow fibre membranes possess advantages of both polymer and Ti nano crystal. The unique manufacturing processes allow in-situ growth of Ti nano crystal on PVDF surface with zero peeling tendency. Permanent hydrophilicity solves the bottleneck of membrane fouling and performance degradation.

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Membrane Products for Various Applications

Suitable for various applications and industries

Submissible Module
Submersible Membrane Modules

Often used in rough intakes (high turbidity, high TSS etc.) such as municipal and industrial wastewater MBR treatments, (sub) surface MCR treatments.

- Hollow fibre membrane curtains are vertically installed on module frames

- Spaces are ensured between membrane curtains to allow wastewater circulation and avoid dead zone

- High efficiency air scouring devices at the bottom to assist membrane shaking and reduce foulant accumulations

Pressurize Membrane Modules

Often used with good intake quality such as drinking water turbidity removal, post processes for wastewater treatments, pre-treatment for seawater desalination etc.


Municipal Wastewater Treatment

MBR system

Sustainable high flux, low OPEX

High strength fibre, high system stability

Desalination Pre-treatment

Superior product water quality, SDI < 3

Reduce cleaning frequency of RO, prolong lifespan

Anti fouling, low washing frequency

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Anti fouling and oxidation

High chemical resistance

For high strength system such as MBR or MCR

Treatment System Upgrading or Replacement

Customise membrane modules according to existing plant designs

Avid additional construction/alteration costs

Improve product water quality with low OPEX

Drinking Water Treatment

Smaller pore size with narrow distribution, high precision filtration

Product water turbidity < 3 NTU

Material Separation

Good separation results, high recovery, low energy

For food & beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and gas separation etc.