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Nano Ti Crystal Composite Membrane 
High Strength Ti Crystal Membrane

Superior mechanical strength, no breakage, no peeling, fouling resistant, easy maintenance. Suitable for municipal MBR applications.

High Precision Ti Crystal Membrane

Smaller pores with narrow distributions. Smooth surface prohibits foulant attachment. Suitable for surface water &and drinking water purifications, desalination pre-treatments and water recycling

High Performance Ti Crystal Membrane

Superior chemical stability, anti oxidative capability. Induce radical reaction to achieve self cleaning for anti fouling. Suitable for industrial wastewater treatment and high quality low down time membrane systems.

Ti Crystal Nano Filtration

Good ionic selectivity with high separation efficiency. Anti fouling, high flux, low operation cost. Suitable for water softening, brackish water salt removal, industrial wastewater tertiary treatment for recycling.

Solving the industry's pain point 


using advanced production processes

NTi specializes in membrane material research and development, membrane product manufacturing, membrane technology applications and services. With the efforts of a technical team with many years of experience in material science & membrane production, we have successfully combined nano titanium crystals with membrane technology to develop high-performance Ti-Nano membrane.

Customized Product

Professional customization (ODM) with your branding.

Efficient Maintenance

Customized cleaning plans and system operation methods ensure that the treatment capacity of the membrane system and the water quality of the effluent can be maintained.

Operation Support

Timely and reliable technical support, including training of membrane applications, engineering guidance, improvement of  system, analysis of operation and cleaning solutions.

Enhanced Performance

Remove foulants on the membrane surface efficiently, achieve self-cleaning of the membrane, prevent accumulation of foulants and diminish fouling rate. 


Analyze the root-causes of various problems of the membrane system and propose targeted solutions to ensure the smooth and efficient operation.

Reduced cost 

Ti-PVDF membrane has high mechanical strength and chemical stability resulting in a longer lifespan of the membrane system.

Our unique proposition:


achieving High-Strength, High-Functionality, High-Precision

  • reputable R&D team 
  • patented processes
  • experienced management team
  • high-end equipment

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